Teacher Advocacy Toolkit


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School Snapshot

Is your school getting it done? Does your school have policies and practices that promote excellence? Build your own assessment to start thinking about next steps for a stronger school!

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Action 2

Institutional support

School change requires support from your colleagues! Use this tool to uncover the levels of support on your staff.

Prepared by the Search Institute.

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Action 3

External assets questions

External Assets are the structures, relationships and activities that create a positive work environment. As you work to improve your school, this tool can be a helpful guide.

Prepared by the Search Institute.

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Action 4

Now what? Ideas to action prompts

Make a commitment to increasing support in your workplace. Once you are aware of the level of support on your staff, use this tool to create an action plan with next steps for a healthier school culture.

Prepared by the Search Institute.

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