Teacher Advocacy Toolkit


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School Snapshot

Teachers see schools from a unique perspective, serving as the link between policy and practice. We have our finger on the pulse of school culture from the classroom on up. This inventory can help you navigate your experience and assess what’s happening in your building. Is your school getting it done? Does your school have policies and practices that promote excellence? Do you have the external structures, relationships, and activities that create a positive work environment? Build your own assessment to start thinking about next steps for a stronger school!


Rate your school’s commitment to eliminating the achievement gap:

  • Evidence that all students are making measurable progress
  • Consistency in achievement and progress of students in different demographic groups
  • Evidence of the use of multiple assessment data points

Rate your school’s commitment to quality teaching and learning:

  • Clearly aligned instruction and a commitment to critical thinking
  • A learning environment that supports and encourages students
  • Students taking an active role in their learning

Rate your school’s commitment to a healthy staff culture:

  • Innovation and learning through Professional Learning Communities
  • Relationships and interactions that are characterized by trust, respect, and appreciation
  • Shared ownership, opportunities for input, leadership, and transparent decision-making

Rate your school’s commitment to strong leadership:

  • A principal with a strong vision and high expectations
  • A shared leadership team that implements policies and practices that help the school run smoothly
  • A leadership team that monitors the effectiveness of instruction

Rate your school’s commitment to a safe and orderly student climate

  • Clear expectations and that are modeled and practiced by adults
  • Mutual respect, dignity, and opportunities to demonstrate responsibility
  • High standards for attendance and punctuality

Rate your school’s engagement with families and the community:

  • Shared decision-making with parents
  • Outreach and workshops to equip parents to support their children
  • Activities that reflect the cultural diversity of the school