Teacher Advocacy Toolkit


self–action 1


Please highlight items you have completed to identify your accomplishments. Then stretch yourself by choosing 3 new goals!

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  • The
    Sign up for MinnCAN emails. Attend a union meeting. Review research about an education policy issue. Follow education reform groups on social media. Engage in policy discussions with people who hold beliefs different than my own.
  • The
    Network with teachers who care about education policy. Contact my legislator about an education issue. Sign a petition in support of education reform. Attend an education town hall meeting with local leaders. Blog about an education issue. Attend an event to learn more about education policy issues.
  • The school
    Participate on my school’s leadership team. Attend a school board meeting in my district. Have a leadership role in my union. Conduct action research on an education issue. Invite community members and elected leaders, to visit my classroom/school.
  • The
    Write an op-ed or letter to the editor about an education policy or school success story. Conduct a social media campaign on behalf of an education reform issue. Attend a house party, forum, or event to learn a candidate’s education platform. Meet with a policymaker about an education issue. Host a house party in support of a reform-minded political candidate.
  • the political
    change agent
    Volunteer on the campaign of a reform-minded political candidate. Moderate an education panel with local leaders or candidates. Testify at a local hearing about an education issue. Author a white paper about an education policy. Help develop a state education bill.